‘Star Wars’ And ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Are Working Together To Create One Shared Universe

The Walking Dead is the biggest show on TV, if judged by the all-important 18 to 49 demographic (if you’re under 18 years old, or above 49 years old, you’re bantha fodder to executives). Star Wars: The Force Awakens has a decent chance at becoming the biggest (as in, most $$$) movie in cinema history. Episode VII has already broken Fandango’s pre-sale record, and it’s on track to threaten Avatar‘s $2.7 billion take. Put The Walking Dead and Star Wars together, and they’ll become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Or at least take over a Twitter hashtag.

Fans of both franchises have come together for #TWDStarWars, where they’re invited to create a shared universe in which zombie-slayers run around with lightsabers. No offense to Daryl, but they’re far more practical than some dumb crossbow, and a lot quieter than any of Rick’s noisy guns. Plus, in a world where Star Wars meets The Walking Dead, where Luke Skywalker becomes Luke Skywalkers, Eugene would finally prove useful. Something tells me that guy knows a lot about Jedis.

Here are some of the best mashups.