This Frightening ‘Step Brothers’ Tattoo Left John C. Reilly Feeling A Little Queasy

Step Brothers is a fine piece of comedic cinema. That’s the high class way of saying it’s a bad ass movie that you could likely watch on a daily basis. It’s that good. It’s so good, apparently many people are crazily devoted to showing their love of the film to the stars of the film. John C. Reilly discussed as much on Thursday’s Conan, revealing how fans have tattooed his autograph onto their arms and also showing one horrifying tattoo that elicits the following joke:

“The only thing that comes between me and Will these days is…the usual sh*t.”

Very classy. Reilly admits that he’s a little disappointed in these folks because he looks at the body as a temple, wondering how some people even manage to show their tattoos off to their friends — like the one featured prominently in this interview. I’m doing my best not spoil it — though it is right there in the video preview — because it is that good, but the entire conversation really enhances the funny bits of the segment.

No clue why anybody would want a tattoo on that part of their body, but it’s certainly a portion that can have a lot of space to work with. Not the weirdest tattoo we’ve ever showcased.