‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Is Looking To Compete On ‘American Ninja Warrior’ In 2017

When it comes to stepping out of his comfort zone, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell is no stranger to that. Not only is he known for doing his own stunts on the superhero series, but he even wrestled a match in the WWE with only a bit of training. Crazily enough, he was pretty damned good at it. What should his next step into the realm of the unknown be?

According to TVLine, that could be American Ninja Warrior. For those somehow still blissfully unaware of American Ninja Warrior, its roots date back to a Japanese game show called Takeshi’s Castle, which aired in the United States as the overdubbed and jokey Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. A show spawned taking the idea of the ridiculous physical challenges but to present it like an actual sport, called Sasuke, which aired around the world as Ninja Warrior. For some reason us Americans really took to it and American Ninja Warrior has become a pretty big deal for enthusiasts of ridiculous sporting spectacles, especially since a reboot of American Gladiators went nowhere. Apparently America is too good for Hulk Hogan calling them brother and Gina Carano in spandex.

Amell sent out a tweet at the Ninja Warrior twitter asking to compete, only for host Matt Iseman to quickly accept that challenge.

Now, was that an official acceptance? Probably not. Was it tongue-in-cheek? There’s really no way to know, but regardless, seeing Amell’s physical talents on display in the setting of American Ninja Warrior makes a lot of sense, even though he’s a Canadian.

(Via TVLine)