Stephen Amell Is Teasing More Of The CW’s Big Superhero Crossover

With Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow all airing across the week, a crossover was all but inevitable. And in fact it’s on the way, although we don’t know what form it’ll take just yet. Not that this will stop Stephen Amell from teasing the heck out of it.

Amell posted a sort of teaser where we get a look at the boots of our heroes just today:

For those keeping track, that’s the Atom, the Flash, White Canary, Supergirl, and, of course, Amell in his Arrow costume. Nor is that the only hero he’s run into, as he’s spent a little time with Superman, too.

Just how this crossover is coming together is an open question, but it’s likely due to the events of the Flash season finale. As we saw at Comic-Con, Barry Allen saved his mother, creating a new reality called Flashpoint, a reference to the DC alternate reality of the same name. Amell has made references in the past to Barry’s decisions having effects elsewhere, and it seems likely some sort of universe-destroying threat will unite our heroes and teach Barry not to screw with the timeline. Again. We’ll likely see just what the universe has in store in October.

(Via Twitter)