Stephen Colbert Shows What It Takes To Escape To Canada Following Election Day

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As Stephen Colbert points out, the groups of people who threaten to move to Canada with every presidential election are running out of time to make their decision. We’re nearly down to the wire to move to make an escape ahead of a possible Trump insurrection or an even more questionable Trump presidency. You can also put Hillary Clinton in place of Trump there because there are people who feel that way, but those folks likely aren’t looking to run to our neighbor to the north.

Despite the general thought that Canada is just some wide open wonderland of prescription drugs, maple syrup, and pop up hockey tournaments, there is a process that people need to follow if they are indeed leaving the USA behind to escape to Canada. Stephen Colbert visits Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Cumming and finds out exactly what you’d need to do if you’re hoping to pull a Snake Plissken with the 50 states.

Some of the stuff makes sense, with general citizenship knowledge and basic facts on your background. What should definitely be included is all the Gordon Lightfoot. Most might want to go with something more contemporary like The Barenaked Ladies, but Lightfoot is more iconic for those odd musical questions and the guy has earned a little bureaucratic recognition.

(Via The Late Show)

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