Stephen Colbert Jokes That We’re Entering A Cold War ‘But Everyone’s On Russia’s Side’

It’s been another long week in Trump‘s America, with more attacks on the media (FAKE NEWS!) and more bad news about Russian ties (SAD!). However, this week also brought us the 300th episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Friday night, so at least there is still some good in the world. Colbert celebrated with a little realness about Trump’s latest dealings and was especially concerned about his strident attitude towards nuclear weapons.

While pointing out that Barack Obama won a Nobel Prize for working to decommission the United States’ nuclear weapons, Colbert shed a light on our current president’s policy: “President Donald Trump said on Thursday he wants to ensure the U.S. nuclear arsenal is at the ‘top of the pack,’ saying the United States has fallen behind in its weapons capacity.” While Colbert made light of Trump’s use of analogies (“Not sure if he means top dog or leader of the pack, but either way, he’s not the sharpest knife on the Christmas tree.”), he also pointed out a terrifyingly realistic future.

“It’s like the Cold War all over again, but everyone’s on Russia’s side.”

Because the episode was pre-taped on Thursday, Colbert wasn’t given the opportunity to comment on Trump’s latest media tantrum, but he still took to Twitter to urge Americans to remain vigilant and undistracted.

“In jest, there is truth” has never been more fitting.