Stephen Colbert And David Schwimmer Reminisce About Going To Northwestern Together

David Schwimmer stopped by to chat with Stephen Colbert following Tuesday’s premiere of American Crime Story — sans his “Pepé Le Pew” Robert Kardashian hair — in which he’s playing O.J.’s friend and defense lawyer in the true crime series. Colbert was more interested in another one of Schwimmer’s old hairstyles though, dredging up an old photo of the two when they attended Northwestern University together, back when the Friends alum could have been a dead ringer for Kylo Ren. (Coincidentally, the O.J. Simpson case took place just around the time that Friends was starting out.) Unfortunately, Scwhimmer’s flowing, Samson-esque locks didn’t last for long, as he had to cut them off for a part shortly after.

Schwimmer actually even goes so far as to partly credit his career path to Stephen Colbert, as he says that working together in an improv group made him realize, “Oh, that’s why I can’t do that. I should go into acting and not that.” To be fair, Colbert is a really goddamn funny guy, and we can see how his comedy prowess would be intimidating… But has he ever been “David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian” funny? That’s a tough call.

(Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

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