Stephen Colbert Shares How He Felt Like A ‘Made Man’ After Meeting Don Rickles At The Emmys

While Jimmy Kimmel shared the most comprehensive tribute to the “best guest in late night,” he wasn’t alone in heaping praise on the late comedy legend. Many celebrities shared thoughts and stories about Rickles Thursday, but Stephen Colbert kicked off The Late Show with his own Rickles tale and how much it meant to him.

Colbert makes clear that he wasn’t close with Rickles unlike other hosts and icons of entertainment, but he did have a fine run in with the insult comic backstage at the Emmys. After Rickles had won for Mr. Warmth at the 2008 Emmys — beating Colbert, David Letterman, and Tina Fey — the Late Show host made his way over to congratulate the comedian:

“He hugged me and he told me I was good. I felt like a made man.”

It’s a classy moment from Rickles and a fine way to pay tribute after his death. He was one of those last figures from the old days of comedy, so getting that kind of compliment is a huge deal. Then again, he did famously say he only insulted the ones he liked and Colbert didn’t get an insult. Moment ruined!

(Via The Late Show)