Stephen Colbert Explains Exactly What It’s Like To Cover Donald Trump

Many media entities, from late night talk shows to bloggers, have had a whole lot of content provided this summer from covering Donald Trump’s run for president. But from our end, there’s been no way to properly express what it’s like to keep talking the Trump story over the other important pop culture things going on. Luckily, Stephen Colbert is back to provide the perfect bit of coverage to the Trump campaign coverage.

With a whole summer of non-coverage, Stephen Colbert was provided the perfect excuse to run through a whole bunch of Trump stories on the premiere of his new show, but he also ran into the perfect metaphor to explain what it’s like to cover so many of his stories at once. It’s obvious that too much Trump coverage is like too much dessert. It’s good for a bit but gets old if you’ve had too much too quick. If only I didn’t end all of my posts with a few Oreo cookies, I might end up feeling a little better by the end of it all.

Now someone get Stephen a glass of milk to wash all those cookies down.

(Via The Late Show With Stephen Colbert)