Stephen Colbert Auditions For The Main Role In The Inevitable ‘El Chapo’ Bio Movie

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The odds that we’ll likely end up seeing a film based on “El Chapo” shot up after Rolling Stone released Sean Penn’s interview with the drug lord following his capture. It’s funny that Guzman will likely get what he wanted in the long run, even if it meant he’d spend the rest of his life behind bars. Still a better conclusion than the one he’d get on Narcos — spoiler alert.

To get an early jump on the film, Stephen Colbert decided to film his audition for the role of “El Chapo” and present it on The Late Show on Monday night. Colbert really captures the man with his performance — or at least the man who you’d expect form the photo he took with Sean Penn. That shirt was clearly stolen from your Uncle Ray’s closet.

Always nice to see Danny DeVito get a mention. Give him the role of “El Chapo” and let the folks at Always Sunny make the movie. It’ll be their Lethal Weapon movie, but real. Toss in a forty-minute love scene and DeVito is sure to win an Oscar.

(Via The Late Show)

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