Stephen Colbert Plays ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill’ With Jon Stewart, John Oliver, And Steve Carell

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Sophomore year Late Show host Stephen Colbert dropped by Bravo’s flagship late night show, Watch What Happens Live, to chat with Andy Cohen Thursday night about his career, the current state of American politics, and Donald Trump, among other topics of conversation. But to keep things from getting too serious, as he is wont to do Cohen played a game of “Plead the Fifth” with his guest, in which he asked Colbert a series of questions that he could opt out of only one.

Pulling no punches, Cohen started out the first round of questioning with “Shag, Marry, Kill” — his TV friendly take on the popular party game — only in this case Colbert was asked to choose between his former Daily Show colleagues: Jon Stewart, Steve Carell, and John Oliver. Without spoiling anything, Colbert was surprisingly able to answer with little hesitation, and his answers all made perfect rational sense. (Although who wouldn’t marry Jon Stewart, honestly.)

Further questioning revealed the dumbest politician Colbert had ever interviewed, or in this case met (Texas State Representative Louie Gohmert), but Colbert plead the fifth — for obvious reasons — when it came down to which celebrity he would never want to interview again.

Later, Cohen got Colbert to open up about what it was like being passed the Late Night torch from his predecessor, the great David Letterman, who gave him a warm welcome by regaling him with old stories passed down from Jonny Carson about Jack Benny and handing him the metaphorical keys to the freight elevator — which is a lot more poignant than it sounds.