Stephen Colbert Tears Ryan Lochte’s Rio ‘Exaggeration’ Apart In A ‘Face-To-Face’ ‘Interview’

Ryan Lochte is a 12-time Olympic gold medalist, second only to Michael Phelps, and won gold at the Rio games. And yet, the decorated swimmer will probably go down as the “silly American” who lied about being held up at gunpoint to Rio police in a bizarre fit of what some are calling “white privilege.”

Lochte has been (rightfully) raked over the coals for fabricating his tale of woe and has been dropped by every single one of his sponsors this week. Even Speedo, who has been with him for years. Even Lochte’s “tell-all” interview with Matt Lauer did nothing to redeem him in the eyes of the public.

So Stephen Colbert decided he needed to “sit down” with Lochte. In this “interview,” Colbert “grills” Lochte and “discusses” what “happened” on that fateful night in “Rio.” Wait, that last quote didn’t need to happen… Anyways, Colbert asks “Lochte” the tough questions in this “totally legit interview” about the fake robbery.

“That didn’t happen, and that’s why I over-exaggerated that part,” said Lochte. But Colbert won’t let him off the heavily-edited hook. “That part is really the whole part,” Colbert says. “Without a gun cocked to your forehead, it’s really just a story about some guys urinating on a gas station.”

Colbert just said what entire countries want to say to Ryan Lochte’s “face” right now.

(Via Mic)