Stephen Colbert Invited A Girl Whose Dad Died Of Cancer To His Show And Took A Picture With Her

So this showed up on Reddit tonight:

“After our dad died of cancer, my sister sent Colbert a letter since they watched the show together every night. He invited her to the studio and this happened!!”

Stephen Colbert has had a trying last couple of weeks, so him taking the time to do something incredible for this little girl is another reason he’s been able to lodge himself into our hearts and stay there. These two probably had a lot to bond over, and this picture of him looking so cheerful is great to see. That kid probably knows all sorts of endless information about politics her friends at school are oblivious to. Not only is she cool enough to take a picture with Colbert, but she’s probably the smartest, wittiest kid at her schoool.

Here’s the full picture. Just look at them! So great.