Jason Segel And Stephen Colbert Recall Fake Movies They Did In This Sublimely Silly ‘Late Show’ Segment

Real movies are great, but fake movies? They’re sublime and sometimes better than the genuine article.

On Friday’s edition of the Late Show, host Stephen Colbert and guest Jason Segel were tasked with talking about all the great films they’ve made together. The only quirk? All the movies Segel and Colbert “starred” in are all completely made up and both gents have to bluff what’s actually going on in the faux movie posters. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Party Lincoln. THIS IS WHERE UNIVERSAL’S DARK UNIVERSE RESOURCES SHOULD GO, DAMMIT!

“I will tell you this,” laughed Segel upon seeing the Party Lincoln promotional art. “I’m pretty sure I didn’t approve that poster.”

If Party Lincoln isn’t your cup of tea (YOU GHOUL!), the Late Show‘s assortment of very silly “Maybe Coming Soon” offerings will still have something for you. (Including the mention of infant cannibalism.) The whole segment is an inviting brand of goofy and the movies teased might even do gangbusters compared to 2017’s anemic box office results. Mind you, Party Lincoln has the same tagline as National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, so maybe Scrooge McDuck piles of gold aren’t in the faux project’s future. Your loss, the arts.