Stephen Colbert Breaks The Emergency Glass On Jon Stewart, Teases His Appearance For Tonight

It’d be nice to see Daily Show BFFs Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert pal around in 2017 under more joyous circumstances, but it seems like genuine worry for the future is the catalyst these days. So, uh, late night yuks!

Stewart will be popping up on tonight’s edition of the Late Show as a “very special surprise guest.” Presumably, Stewart will be addressing subjects like Trump’s immigration ban and insistence on debunked mass voter fraud claims. Or he might just be there to ask Colbert what it was like to work with Michael Caine in Bewitched. Probably the political observations thing. Mind you, the former Comedy Central host seems baffled as to this “special guest” Colbert is referring to.

“Who’s it going to be?” asks Stewart.

“I don’t want to ruin the surprise, Jon.” responds Colbert.

“Gary Busey,” whispers a very optimistic Stewart.

There are no promises of a Busey sighting, but the Late Show is teasing a showcase for Trump’s “signature catchphrase” on tonight’s episode. (One that has the added quirk of a Supreme Court impacting Trump primetime address airing ahead of time.) It appears audiences are making their way over to Stephen Colbert’s late night program since the inauguration. Deadline reports that Monday’s return episode beat Fallon and Kimmel in the ratings. A definite viewership improvement from where the show has been at times since launching in Colbert form on CBS.