Stephen Colbert Reports On The World’s Biggest Geopolitical Event Right Now: ‘The Invasion Of Boobistan’

Creative Director

Stephen Colbert only has so many days left to mock cable news on The Colbert Report, and he’s making the best of them. Last night his pinpoint lampooning included ignoring all of the awful, world-changing geopolitical events taking place in the world and leading his program with a segment on the celebrity nude photo scandal that has irrevocably destroyed the privacy of dozens of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande.

Colbert sprinkled in some jokes — and a vicious hypocrisy jab — while hitting on all of the important points of the scandal. So if you’re looking for an accurate recap of what we know so far, you’re better off watching the clip above than, say, tuning into CNN.

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