04.01.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

Sadly, that headline is figurative, not literal.  As much as I try to maintain a centrist stance politically, I think we can all agree that Glenn Beck’s insane populist posturing in front of an enlarged Constitution on Fox News richly deserves Stephen Colbert’s skewering.  Either Stephen Colbert’s skewering, or patriotic euthanasia.

I’d prefer the latter, of course.  If only there were kill shelters for ideologues.  Who wouldn’t love that?  Picture Glenn Beck getting a lethal injection, and just try not to hum “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”  Oh, okay.  So now I’m the bad guy?  Just for wanting to watch someone die?

Well, I’ll have you know that wanting to watch someone die is a prerequisite for getting your own show on Fox News.  Maybe I can take over Glenn’s time slot.

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