The Second-To-Last ‘Nightly Show’ Panel Got Liquored Up Thanks To Stephen Colbert

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Despite a surprise cancellation announcement by Comedy Central, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is going out with a bang during its last week of production. It might not compare to Conan O’Brien’s final moments on his ill-fated Tonight Show, but with Wilmore’s hilarious pronouncements and all the free booze he’s receiving, there’s still time to prove everyone — including the network — wrong. Consider the program’s second-to-last episode on Wednesday, which began with Wilmore’s revelation that the show’s office had received yet another batch of free alcohol.

“Last night, I gotta admit, I got a little boozy off some good cable wine from our pals over at Team Bee. That was so nice of them. I mean, I was so hung over,” Wilmore joked. “I was thinking, tonight I’m doing the show sober… Until Stephen Colbert sent over this.”

The “this” in question was, as Wilmore described it, the contents of an airline the Late Show host had “robbed”:

In acknowledgment of the gift, Wilmore mixed a drink at the beginning of the show and offered the rest of the liquor basket’s contents to his panel, which included frequent Daily Show and Nightly Show contributor Lewis Black. Along with Ricky Velez and Rory Albanese, Wilmore and Black took turns mixing drinks, poking subtle fun at The Nightly Show‘s demise, and occasionally discussing Donald Trump.

“Even though I have zero f*cks to give at this point, I have plenty of booze to give, courtesy of the Colbert Show,” Wilmore quipped before thanking Black for appearing on the show. “Lewis, I’m so glad you’re here by the way. I couldn’t think of anybody else that I would rather have on our second-to-last show than Lewis Black.”

“It’s an honor to be here. No, seriously. I was here at the beginning and the end,” Black told the host, just before diving into yet another discussion of all things Trump.

Check out the full panel with Wilmore, Black, Velez and Albanese below:

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(Via Entertainment Weekly)