Colbert Relocates The ‘Late Show’ To Trump International Tower To Provide An Important Message

Donald Trump is an unapologetic branding enthusiast. So much so, that its presence has been woven into the administration’s (many) talking points from the get-go. The man loves his brand he as much as he loves ketchup soaked chew-meat, but we can’t imagine he’s nutty about the talk show that popped up by Trump International Tower in New York.

On Friday, Stephen Colbert (temporarily) took the Late Show to the streets DOOBIE BROTHERS STYLE. Right outside of Trump International Tower, Colbert interviewed regular folks (and occasionally their dogs) about how they’re feeling in this current political climate and wanted to reassure everyone that “it’s going to be okay.” Look! He made a sign and everything! Is there a splash of smile therapy where the CBS host sees if grinning can make torture seem less bad? You’re darn tootin’ there is.

Colbert, who is enjoying a ratings breakthrough of late, has definitely been connecting with audiences in what can politely be referred to as “complicated” times. Less tousle and more political commentary muscle appears to be what late night viewers are craving these days. Speaking of which, the indoor version of Friday’s Late Show also included an efficient filleting of scandal plagued Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Excellent work both indoors and outdoors, Late Show.