Stephen Colbert Returned To A Letterman Staple To Make A Complaint On ‘The Late Show’

Folks likely wondered if any parts of David Letterman’s version of The Late Show were going to make the transition when Stephen Colbert took over the hosting duties for the CBS staple. Thursday gave us that answer as Colbert addressed some problems with Hello Deli and its owner Rupert Jee. The problem was a BLT he recently got from the deli, or a BLeh as the host put it.

Hello Deli apparently forgot the main part of a BLT, the tomato. And they added in “a lil’ mayo,” apparently at the request of Colbert’s assistant. This led to confrontation and a blown-up image of the sandwich, forcing Colbert to put the show on hold while he dealt with the issue. This also led to him finding out that the sandwich Hello Deli named after Colbert was really just the same sandwich that was originally named after Letterman band leader, Paul Shaffer. It sounds delicious, but why not just come up with a new one?

Being the businessman he is, Jee knew how to defuse the situation and gave Colbert a free bag of chips for his troubles. All seems well now, at least until the next sandwich. It honestly looks like there is tomato on the sandwich, though. This could be like “the dress” from last year, except you either see tomato at the bottom of the sandwich or you see bread. I see tomato and I think Rupert Jee is a fine human being. Nice to see him back on The Late Show.

(Via The Late Show)

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