Stephen Colbert Brings In The Big Gun, Lewis Black, To Explain This Ridiculous Election

Rage comedian Lewis Black would have made a great Live co-host for Kelly Ripa, but we’ll take the occasional Late Show appearance as compensation. Especially since the sadly infrequent Daily Show correspondent doesn’t regale audiences with his carpool metaphors and millennial meltdowns as often as he used to. Thankfully, the former Colbert Report host was all too happy to task Black with watching Wednesday night’s Republican National Convention coverage and offer his two cents.

“You get angry at politicians, but everybody’s angry at the candidates this year. It’s kind of a bonus round,” said Colbert. “These are, statistically, the two least popular candidates we’ve ever had for president of the United States. How did we get here, my friend?”

“It’s a social experiment,” Black explained. “We’ve done it with people that we like and it hasn’t worked out. So if we pick people that we really don’t like, maybe it will work that way. Democracy’s great, but somehow it’s just not working!”

The two then offered perhaps one of the funniest, and most brilliant solutions to the political conundrum ever suggested. Colbert got the ball rolling by suggesting Hillary Clinton would preside over Americans who don’t like her, while Donald Trump would do the same for his detractors. Black, adorned in what appeared to be medical scrub pajamas, took the idea a step further.

“What we should do is tie them together… Just tie it up all day, and that’s the way they gotta function and deal with the presidency.”

The audience seemed to love the idea, but Black wasn’t finished. Despite Colbert’s defeated attempts to rein him in, the comedian launched into a tirade against political conventions. This quickly became a diatribe against pep rallies, complete with all the yelling, spitting and gesturing Black’s fans know and love.