Stephen Colbert Welcomes Us To 2017 While Simultaneously Revisiting Mariah Carey’s Botched 2016 Send-Off

Late Show host and budding glasses model Stephen Colbert has a special message for the planet as we dip our toe into a new and potentially horrifying year. The only tricky thing is that he has to navigate a Mariah level disaster (which may or may not have been a confusing conspiracy plot to embarass the Elusive Chanteuse™) to get his message across. Spoiler: The mishaps win.

Colbert lampooned Mariah’s NYE performance during the opening for his Tuesday show. Initially presented as a mini-monologue where Colbert would “say a few things from heart” as we shift into a new year, things quickly derailed into something resembling Mimi’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve unpleasantness.

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing in my prompter here. Jim, can we fix that?” asks Colbert as his 2017 message of positivity begins to unravel.

Feathers, baffling choreography and an increasingly confused late night host all follow. We don’t imagine Colbert’s open offer for Mariah to appear and perform was assisted by this hilarious display, but that would presumably be negotiable depending on seating/sprawling options. Give the clip of Stephen Colbert suffering a “Mariah moment” a gander for yourself and see if we can use that as a beacon of hope and joy to clutch tight as 2017 rolls on.