Stephen Colbert Engaged In Some Long Overdue ‘Late Show’ Astronaut Training

Stephen Colbert has been doing a bang-up job on the Late Show during the Trump era and the ratings seem to reflect that too. Striking while the iron’s hot, the CBS talk show host appears to be investigating his options outside of traditional demos.

Friday’s Late Show featured a remarkably charming field trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Colbert and NASA are no stranger to crossing paths (“COLBERT” made it to the International Space Station, don’t cha know) and the Daily Show alum isn’t lacking in credentials in making complicated things inclusive while still finding time for things like astronaut butt laffs. Look at that dumper!

Clocking in at a robust eight minutes, there’s loads to love in this segment that co-stars Boeing’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility. It’s a rather informative watch even if it appears Colbert’s gravy tube question was not taken seriously by his Florida hosts. Still, the visit and the opportunity to become the first honorary Starliner astronaut is something Colbert relished.

“I’ve made it,” he stated. “This is what all this comedy work has been leading up to.”

We suppose it is a touch more exciting than asking the third lead in a sitcom if Kevin James is as into golf as Us Weekly suggests. Give the clip a gander and pretend it doubles as extra credit for science class.