Stephen Colbert Pleads With Neil deGrasse Tyson Over Pluto’s Status As A Planet

With the New Horizons spacecraft finally making it out to Pluto, we got our first real look at the former planet and its moon Charon. Something that got Stephen Colbert all excited. So excited that he made a new video in an effort to discuss the discoveries and call out the detractors of Pluto, like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Then, out of nowhere, he turns to Tyson in the flesh and they both spend nearly fifteen minutes debating the nature of Pluto as a planet. It’s an interesting, meandering, and funny chat that features a lot of talk about Dante’s Inferno, what Tyson would rather re-define as NOT a planet as opposed to giving Pluto back its full planet title, and plenty of Tang. Of course, none of this matters since Tyson posted this on Twitter:

(Via The Late Show)