Stephen Colbert Brings Back His Alter Ego To Say Goodbye To President Obama

To say goodbye to President Obama, who is leaving the White House on Friday after eight years in office, Stephen Colbert welcomed a very special guest to The Late Show on Thursday night. That guest, of course, was his former alter ego Stephen Colbert. Er…excuse us. It wasn’t actually his alter ego it was his alter ego’s identical twin cousin Stephen Colbert. You can tell because Stephen Colbert has a birth mark that looks like Mary Kate, while Stephen Colbert has one that looks like Ashley, We swear it all makes sense if you consider the fact the Comedy Central would try to eviscerate CBS with legal shenanigans if Colbert didn’t jump through these hoops when he welcomes the character back.

Anyway, the character Colbert returns via satellite at his cabin in the Mountains of Justice at first, letting the audience know that Jon Stewart can’t make this particular appearance. The show even enjoyed poking some fun at Jon’s current status as a bearded hermit who lives on a farm in New Jersey. Apparently in this scenario Stewart is “in the woods teaching a moose to read” which is definitely a sketch that needs to happen somewhere, somehow. Colbert brings back his alter ego with the same smirk and raised eyebrow as always, and looks as comfortable behind the desk as he ever did on his former network.

As he dropped his shield and gets ready to bid farewell to Obama with a “The Werd” segment (definitely not the same as The Word), it felt like he was never gone.