Stephen Colbert Figured Out Who To Blame For Trump In An Episode Of ‘Quantum Leap’

We’ve finally hit the point in this election where Quantum Leap is being blamed for forcing candidates into politics. Leave it to Stephen Colbert to dig it up for a sketch on the show, finding that Donald Trump actually had a semi-cameo at one point during an episode. A kid Trump makes an appearance, ending up gaining a little bit of insight on the future from Dr. Sam Beckett. This is the moment that launched us into our current hellscape, with Trump poised to leap into the White House and possibly sell it to another country.

To try and avoid this reality, Colbert uses his own Quantum Leap doo-hickey to travel back and change how Beckett deals with the Young Trump. Scott Bakula finally gives Leap fans that final appearance as Sam Beckett, likely ruining a ton of fan fiction in the process. But it’s worth it because the bit is funny and it has a nice surprise ending. I don’t like that Bakula doesn’t want to be called by his character’s name, though. It takes you out of the magic in the moment.

Still, it’s nice to see a nod to some classic TV, even if it’s in the form of another segment on Donald Trump. Also nice to remember that nice Quantum Leap theme song.