Stephen Colbert Didn’t Have To Think Too Hard About What He’d Ask Donald Trump On ‘The Late Show’

This year’s election season has been one of the most bizarre in recent memory, with Donald Trump dominating the news cycle and leaving at least half of the country baffled and afraid. For late night hosts like Stephen Colbert, it has been especially odd, with Colbert having a more prominent role in the land of media than he did last election cycle, when he was still playing a mock-conservative comedy host on Comedy Central. So while The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tends to err more on the side of entertainment, people still want to know his thoughts on politics. He’s sometimes more than willing to deliver.

Look no further than a question from an audience member before they began filming a recent episode, with said audience member asking Colbert what he would ask Donald Trump if he was a guest on the show. Colbert’s answer — under the guise of them being off-air and him being allowed to say what he wanted — was, well, enough to make some people pump their fists and others rage. After a deep, contemplative sigh he let it all loose.

“Well, we aren’t broadcasting right now, so I’d say; What does Vladimir Putin’s *beep* taste like?”

He followed it up with a dance while the audience gasped and applauded, then lo-and-behold, the video turns up on the show’s official YouTube channel. Perhaps it was too funny not to get out and simply echoed the thoughts of a lot of other people over the past week or maybe it was always gonna end up in the public eye. Either way, it helps deliver the same scathing commentary that Colbert has been known for within the confines of his current job.