Stephen Colbert Is Shocked That Trump Wanted Late-Night Hosts Targeted — And Annoyed That He Wasn’t Called Out By Name

Stephen Colbert was not specifically named in the list of “late-night comedy mischief-makers” that Donald Trump reportedly wanted to take down using the full power of the White House and the Department of Justice for having the audacity to continue the decades-old tradition of making jokes about the current president—and he’s pretty pissed off about it. On Tuesday night’s show, The Late Show host double-downed on mocking the president by mocking the president for not wanting to be mocked (then mocked him further for not singling Colbert out in his list of targeted mockers):

“In national politics, there’s disturbing news about former president Old Wack Donald… Today, we learned he ‘wanted his Justice Department to stop SNL from teasing him.’ Wow! It’s strange. There has not been a presidential overreaction like this since Nixon sent Navy SEALs to assassinate the Smothers Brothers.

We knew the ex-pres was mad about SNL. He tweeted about them a few times, in between his more important work of calling porn stars ‘horse face.’ But, behind the scenes, he ‘asked advisers and lawyers what the Federal Communications Commission, the court systems, and the [DOJ] could do to probe Jimmy Kimmel and other late-night comedy mischief-makers.”

While Kimmel, who also talked about the story during last night’s show, made it clear that “I don’t want him probing me,” Colbert had more pressing concerns. “Folks, this is dangerous, disturbing, un-American, and why do I get lumped in with ‘other comedy mischief-makers’?,” he wanted to know. “I don’t get it. What’s a guy gotta do? All due respect to my good friend James Tiberius Kimmel, but if the DOJ thugs are kicking down doors to round up the late-night chuckleheads to drag us off to Mar-a-Gulago to be assassinated, I should get more than ‘and the rest.’ I do not appreciate the Mary Ann and Professor treatment here!”

You can watch the full clip above, starting around the 4:50 mark.