Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute So We Will ‘Never Fjorget’ What Happened In Sweden

Much like those who covered his unhinged, media-bashing press conference last week, the late night shows that returned on President’s Day had a field day with Donald Trump’s bizarre weekend campaign rally, during which the Commander-in-chief made vague allegations that a terror attack had occurred in Sweden the night before. Seth Meyers chalked the whole thing up to Trump just wanting a damn friend, while Stephen Colbert took a more satirical route.

First, Colbert ran a clip of the rally, in which Trump stood behind the podium and declared, “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden… Sweden! Who would believed this? Sweden!” before cutting back to the studio and joking, “No one. No one would believe that … Well, not no one, but maybe someone who skips their intelligence briefing.”

After running through Sweden’s reaction to this fictional tragedy and Trump’s half-assed explanation for his remarks, Colbert felt it was time to finally pay tribute to the people who did not suffer in “the third not a terrorist attack that has not shocked the world in the last month.” In doing so, he remembered the country’s most influential exports to America, including: Swedish fish, ABBA, IKEA, Swedish meatballs, and the Swedish Chef. They may not be gone, but they will also never be fjorgotten.

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