An Audience Member Protested Uber During Tonight’s Taping Of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

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Taxi drivers aren’t very happy with the ever-growing popularity of Uber’s business model. Earlier this summer, protestors against the car service got violent as some vehicles were on the receiving end of some pretty substantial damage. The anger amongst the taxi community against the likes of Uber and Lyft is nothing new, but it looks like this ill-will is not going away anytime soon.

During Thursday night’s taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a protestor in the audience allegedly made his presence known during Colbert’s interview with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. His message was clearly in support of New York City’s taxi industry which is, in his words, being “ruined” by the car service’s business model.

BuzzFeed’s Rachell Zarrell was in attendance for the show and according to her update on Twitter, Colbert let the protestor talk:

Since taking photo and video are strictly forbidden during tapings of The Late Show, we currently do not have any visual evidence of the outburst in question. There is some time before the third episode of Colbert airs and it remains to be seen whether CBS will cut the outburst or include it in tonight’s broadcast. Here’s hoping the moment does make it to air, as Colbert seems to shine the most during unplanned incidents like these.

(Via The Verge)