Stephen Colbert’s Response To Trump After A Failed Burn Is Positively Gleeful

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05.11.17 6 Comments

It’s usually not a great idea for a politician to try and go toe-to-toe with a comedian when it comes to jokes. It doesn’t matter the politician or the comedian, but it’s just generally advisable not to lash out at a comedian because it will probably just make you look worse. Of course, Donald Trump doesn’t really care if what he says or does makes him look “worse” in any way, or if it makes him look bad at all. So last week, when Colbert made headlines for some questionable comments about the president, Trump didn’t take it well. Which is about par for the course at this point, only it took a few days longer than usual for him to even respond to the comments.

For those who didn’t catch Trump’s rant in response to the joke, he went directly after Colbert’s nightly ratings — as anyone who pays attention to Trump’s favorite topics probably knew he would. In an interview with TIME, Trump said,

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