Stephen Colbert Draws A ‘Pee-Filled’ Diagram To Explain Trump’s Connections To Putin

The Trump administration’s ties to Russia grow all the more convoluted by the week, despite the president’s best attempts to distract with flagrantly irresponsible, unfounded accusations and rants on Twitter. Or as Stephen Colbert accurately summed up on Monday night, “He’s like a magician, misdirecting your attention with sleight of hand, and as we all know Trump has the slightest of hands.”

In an effort to find out just exactly what Trump is trying to distract us from this time, Colbert brought out the “Figure-It-Out-A-Tron” — otherwise known as a standard classroom chalkboard — to sort through the bullshit and clearly illustrate Trump’s ties to Vladimir Putin. On the bottom of the chalkboard was printed Donald Trump and at the top Putin; with a dubious list of all the things that could possibly connect the two alongside on the right: Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, the FBI, CIA, NSA, Wikileaks, and his own administration’s leaks.

Colbert accomplished this by running down through the items and listing a “P” next to each one that could connect the president to the Russian leader. By the time he got through the list, he explained, “There’s just so much ‘P’, which, again, stands for ‘Putin’ — and these Putin P’s are all raining down directly at Trump!” When all was said and done, it’s obvious that Trump is just “drowning in P”… which again, stands for “Putin.”