Stephen Colbert Unloads On Tucker Carlson Over Unearthed Audio Footage: ‘You’re Awful On So Many Levels’

Stephen Colbert took some time to weigh in on the scandal involving Tucker Carlson on Monday night. As you’ve likely heard by now, the Fox News host was caught with his pants down making some overtly misogynistic comments on a Florida shock jock radio program in the aughts — and then stepped in it again when additional footage of racist remarks were released at the same time he was defending the first round.

Although the second bit of footage had likely not hit the internet at the time of the Late Show taping, Colbert had some fun with the first part. Running through as assortment of the “terrible things” Carlson has said over the years, Colbert read aloud his thoughts on Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. Bubba and Carlson had debated over Kagan’s attractiveness, who Carlson concluded was “never going to be an attractive woman.”

“Harsh words from the next 007 here,” Colbert joked. “The name’s breather, mouth breather.”

But, you know what, Tucker’s got a point, we have to protect the Supreme Court’s traditional high standards of physical beauty,” he continued, putting up a graphic of portraits of all of the male justices — who are not exactly what you’d call perfect human physical specimens. “Hmm, Justice Breyer, break me off a piece of that … or just wait a bit, something will fall off,” he quipped.

Colbert then moved onto “the most incredibly Tucker thing he Carlson’ed,” his thoughts on former cult leader Warren Jeffs,” who was convicted of sexually assaulting minors and whom Carlson presented an inexplicable defense of — which even “Bubba the Love Sponge” took umbrage with.

“Wow, Tucker just got schooled by ‘Bubba, Voice of Reason Sponge,'” Colbert added, before playing out the rest of the clip. “Yes, let’s be honest. You’re awful on so many levels. Although on a positive note, I think R. Kelly just got a character witness!”

Meanwhile, people are still calling for Tucker Carlson to lose his show over the scandal, so it will be interesting to see how this whole thing shakes out.