Stephen Colbert Visited A Notorious Florida Gun Nut On His Home Turf — And Shot Him Down With Humor

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Stephen Colbert (and his gloriously budding goatee) returned from hiatus on Monday, and he came back as strong as ever — which is important, because The Colbert Report might be the most impactful news-related program on TV.

Colbert traveled down to Florida to film a “Difference Makers” segment, in which he facetiously sings the praises of Doug Varrieur, a notorious gun nut that’s been terrorizing everyone in his neighborhood. Sure, the tiny “shooting range” in Doug’s side yard is dangerously close to his neighbors and has a busy canal directly behind his targets, but he has Second Amendment rights. And state-of-the-art lookout technology (his octogenarian parents) and barriers (um, sorta).

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