An Encounter With Sasquatch On ‘SNL’ Goes Horribly Wrong For Sterling K. Brown And Friends

What secrets do you hold, Sasquatch? Humanity’s been fascinated by this allegedly mythical creature for decades (millions of stoners rerunning In Search of Bigfoot can’t be wrong!) and he’s even managed to make himself at home in our Christmas fare. Saturday Night Live had a Bigfoot sighting of their own last night and it was an uncomfortable experience for the folks that met him.

Host Sterling K. Brown and a gaggle of buddies are out camping in this digital short that sees Sasquatch stroll by their campsite. Mikey Day finds himself in dangerously close proximity to the furry fella, but at least he has Brown’s knowledge of cable TV shows to lean on for advice. The only trouble is that Brown’s advice just invites more humiliation for Day.

“Friends,” Day tells Sasquatch as he tries to keep things calm. “Me. You. The same. The same! Yeah.”

The touching man-meets-beast music lulls us into the feeling that peace can be kept. Well, until Sasquatch slaps Day like a punk and things do not get easier from there.

This is definitely a less laid back Sasquatch than the one SNL gave us before where he (played with goofy glee by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and Will Ferrell’s Neil Diamond were content to just hang out and sing some duets. Please keep both sketches in mind if you do cross paths with Sasquatch.