Steve Carell Defines What It Means To Be The Greatest Dad Alive On ‘The Tonight Show’

Steve Carell is a funny guy and genuinely seems like a good person to be around.  But I would add greatest dad alive to his resume after he revealed on The Tonight Show that he rented Predator for his nine-year-old son during a sleep over and let them watch it from start to finish.

I can’t imagine a better introduction to the world of R-rated filmmaking, save for Porky’s or Commando. I still vividly remember my first R-rated movie, Die Hard With A Vengeance, and how I gloated about watching it to the severely uptight video store clerk. Much better than my first adult movie in general, Caddyshack 2.

But just thinking of all the moments that you’d have to explain to a kid throughout the movie. The scene where the Soviets execute a guy without remorse, the skinned corpses hanging from the trees, Carl Weather’s jelly arm getting detached from his body and of course the Predator admiring his skulls. I think I want kids just to have this kind of experience with them. That’s also why I should be kept away from children at all costs.

I think Carell deserves an award for having the guts to show a film about an extraterrestrial hunter methodically slaughtering a team of commandos to a group of children. He’s got backbone, even if he’s raising a snitch for a son.

(Via Tonight Show)