Steve Carell Went On ‘Ellen’ Dressed As His ‘Despicable Me’ Character

This happened yesterday but we don’t exactly track Ellen unless Aubrey Plaza is dropping by, and on top of that it involves a famous grown man dressing up like a fictional character from a good-but-not-great animated film in order to promote its sequel. So yeah, not exactly in the wheelhouse. But dammit if Steve Carell isn’t just always proving himself to be the nicest, most gracious guy on the planet so I feel compelled to share.

Below you’ll find the clip real-life Michael Scott making an entrance in full costume and makeup as the Despicable Me Gru character he voices — but shares no physical resemblance to — and then proceeding to dance all through Ellen’s audience (starting at the 2:20 mark) to the delight of moms and kids home for summer forced to watch whatever their mom’s do.

And for those of you who may be video challenged at work…

Well played, Steve Carell. You magnificent son of a b*tch.

Ellen via Pop Culture Brain. GIFs via Tumblr