Steve Carell Goofed Everyone About ‘The Office’ Returning And Fans Are Not Amused

It seems like every show that has gone on to the great studio lot in the sky is getting a second life these days, so many fans are left hoping that their favorites may eventually get a second life. I mean, if it can happen to 24 and The X-Files, the sky’s the limit, right? Well, Steve Carell decided to channel his inner Michael Scott and joke that The Office would return for more awkward, paper-selling shenanigans, inspiring a fan-freak out…

…before quickly backpedaling to comment on the return of Will & Grace instead.

Surprisingly enough, fans of The Office had… opinions. It was like Scott’s Tots all over again. RIP your mentions, Steve.

B.J. Novak, Ryan the Temp if you’re nasty, also chimed in, proving that the love between this team continues even if the show is over. He certainly has more loyalty than Ryan ever had.

Was it a dick move by Carell? Kind of. Some fans will probably keep hope alive that the Scranton team will return to our television screens, but that may be an instance where it should be left alone to our memories and rewatch binges. Just ask everyone who got excited about the X-Files reboot.