Steve Harvey Received Death Threats During The Fallout Of His Miss Universe Mistake

Steve Harvey did not enjoy the holidays in the wake of his outstanding Miss Universe flub. After he announced Miss Colombia’s name instead of the rightful winner, Miss Philippines, his expression transformed into one of horror. The poor guy obviously wanted to keep walking offstage and drop into a giant sinkhole. Yet he stepped back into the mess spilling across the lacquered stage and did what needed doing.

The resulting damage could have been somewhat mitigated, but then Harvey misspelled both countries while apologizing on Twitter. Fortunately, Harvey did the wise thing by getting the hell out of dodge while the world freaked out at his expense. Justin Bieber trolled him. Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutierrez) spoke out both graciously and with a little bit of venom. Still, Harvey laid low until we heard he’d eventually interview Gutierrez on his show.

The big episode will air on January 18, and Team Harvey released some clips. The host speaks of gut-wrenching feelings that still exist, but something even scarier happened. Back when the initial mistake occurred, Twitter joked about potential Colombian animosity over a country wishing to defend Gutierrez’s honor. Harvey received much abuse. Though he doesn’t reveal the source, Harvey said he got death threats. He couldn’t even let his daughters play outside while fearing for his family’s safety. In these clips, Harvey talks about the difficulty in admitting his huge mistake.

Sources tell TMZ that Harvey “sobbed and sobbed” during his face-to-face meeting with Ariadna Gutierrez. We’ll have to wait until Monday to see those moments, but for now, here’s Harvey speaking with Miss Philippines (Pia Wurtzbach), who asked Harvey to stop beating himself up. He was completely “cool” with this suggestion, and called Wurtzbach “a class act.”

Here’s the moment when Wurtzbach came out earlier in the show. *hug*

Here, Wurtzbach also discusses how awful she felt for Gutierrez, and Harvey alludes to the upcoming confrontation episode.