Screw It, Let’s Watch A Bunch Of Funny Answers From Steve Harvey’s ‘Family Feud’

Do you watch the new Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey? I’m going to assume you do, because I honestly can’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t. It’s tremendous. I’ve tuned in on more than one occasion with the intention of watching for a few minutes until another show came on, and ended up watching three, four, five episodes in a row. I’ll just be sitting there minding my business and then all of a sudden some excitable bald man will scream “NAKED GRANDMA” and the next thing I know three hours have passed. It’s a little disquieting, actually.

And it’s not just the contestants, either — although it is definitely mostly the contestants, as the show’s producers have apparently tapped into America’s greatest natural resource: people willing to say outlandishly racy or embarrassing things on daytime television in exchange for the chance to split a few thousand dollars with their extended family. It’s also the show’s famous board, which has gone wonderfully lowbrow itself. Example: A while back I was watching an episode where a contestant guessed “genitalia” as a possible answer, and when Steve Harvey went to the board there was a ding as the phrase “Dangling Dong” flipped over. DANGLING DONG! I thought I might have hallucinated it, so I Googled it the next day, which led me to this complaint on a message board.

As I turned in today, to a repeat episode on WABM (Channel 68)! One of the questions had to do with which part of the body sees the least sun. The answers given on “the board” were simply vulgar & disgusting.

Examples of the answers were:
“Dong/Cooter” for the genitalia (privates)
“Knockers” for breasts
“Pits” for the underarm or armpits
“Fart box” for the buttocks

These answers are not family oriented, children friendly. These answers are not representative of the way we would want people to talk, much less our children.

Kudos to whichever producer greenlit using “fart box” on a game show called Family Feud.

And whenever something like that happens, Steve Harvey will go full-on Steve Harvey and act appalled to play it for laughs, and it gets so awkward as the sweet-looking young man or woman who just shouted “PENIS” or something with all the confidence in the world is left to squirm for the next 5-10 seconds as he or she fully contemplates what just happened. It’s a good show. You should watch it.

Anyway, here are a bunch of clips I found just now. There are more on the official Family Feud YouTube page. Say goodbye to your afternoon.