Steve Harvey Is In For Another Tear-Jerking Birthday Surprise On His Show Tomorrow

Spoiler alert for the daytime TV crowd – Steve Harvey’s syndicated talk show is going to get seriously emotional tomorrow. The comedian and Family Feud host turns 58 on Saturday, and it appears his crew and producers went back to the well to recreate one of the best TV moments from 2013, when Harvey was surprised by a man named Rich Liss via satellite. In case you never caught that moment (which I’ve embedded below), Liss asked Harvey, “Do you still love me?” as the host began crying and was momentarily speechless. Liss and his wife, as it was revealed, took Harvey in when he was 26-years old, running a carpet cleaning business and trying to break into the comedy industry.

On tomorrow’s show, Harvey will be surprised by another couple that helped him build a foundation for the entertainment industry giant that he is today, and sure enough… there will be tears.

That’s Bruce and CheChe Ayers from the Comedy Club StarDome in Birmingham, Alabama that we have to thank for yet another Steve Harvey moment. But does it top the last one? It’s a close call, but I still say no.