Colombians Celebrate The New Year By Burning Steve Harvey And Miss Universe In Effigy

Miss Colombia must not be the only person from the country to think that Steve Harvey announced the wrong name on purpose at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. The Family Feud host is now being burned in effigy by people in the streets, which luckily for him is a tradition to close out the New Year. Nobody takes a beauty pageant that seriously.

According to Rappler, the burning of effigies is a tradition in Latin America and is meant to create a positive outlook for the new year:

The burning of effigies, called año viejo (old year), is a New Year’s Eve tradition in Latin American countries, where it is believed that the act wards off bad luck in the coming year. The effigies are burned at the stroke of midnight too.

It’s still funny to see that people are taking to the streets to burn up Steve Harvey. It’d be even funnier if it just had to do with Harvey’s job as host of the Family Feud or if Harvey were somehow elected president — something that might actually be worse than President Donald Trump.

And don’t worry, they also burned the “real” Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach during the celebrations. No one is safe from the celebration, sometimes literally. It sounds like a war zone. This actually prompted an apology to the Philippines by the man in the video according Inquirer:

The man who uses the name Noider Almanza Barraza apologized for offending the people of the Philippines and blamed a tradition in his country for the incident.

A translation of his post on Facebook said Colombia had a tradition of burning dolls of “characters or things that causes controversy” in the previous year to “begin a new year.”

“At no time (was my intention) to hurt or offend (the people of the Philippines. I am very sad … I apologize,”

Not everybody enjoys being burned in effigy, it seems.

(Via Rappler)

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