Watch The Delicate Moment Miss Colombia Advised Steve Harvey To ‘Learn To Read Cards’

The long-awaited reunion between Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutierrez) and Steve Harvey finally took place on the host’s talk show. Harvey wished to air the moment when he apologized, which makes sense. After all, his massive Miss Universe mistake was televised to global audiences, and he wanted to get the reconciliation out for the record. Harvey became the butt of internet-wide memes and jokes as the world piled on. Most of us make mistakes in relative privacy, but Harvey paid dearly for one quick blip.

On Friday’s episode, Harvey spoke with Miss Philippines (Pia Wurtzbach), who urged the host to stop beating himself up. He was very emotional and said his family received death threats after his flub. Now Harvey is getting real with Gutierrez. The initial “confrontation” shows Harvey’s welling eyes as he confessed to being “beyond sorry,” and this is only the beginning.

In this clip, Harvey admits he needs closure after “sleepless nights.” He feels awful for the pain he caused Gutierrez, and she accepts his apologies.

The situation grew awkward when Harvey asked for feedback on how he handled the immediate crisis. Gutierrez bluntly responded, “You have to learn how to read … cards. Because … it was on the card.” Then she pointed to the back screen (which flashed Harvey’s moment of realization) and said, “Look at your face.” The audience wasn’t sure whether they were allowed to laugh, but it happened anyway.

To be completely fair, Gutierrez offered her advice with a small grin, and Harvey handled it like a pro. They both endured a prolonged media firestorm, but this episode was handled with grace. Hopefully, both Gutierrez and Harvey will sleep easier tonight and put this episode behind them.