Steve Harvey Returns To Late Night To Fool With The Roots On ‘Tonight Show Family Feud’

Steve Harvey is still a beloved television personality after years of hosting Family Feud, his own talk show, and nearly ruining the Miss Universe pageant for its global audience. That last bit is still a matter of contention for some nations around the globe — looking at you Duterte — but I think most folks are back to being fine with Harvey. They probably shouldn’t be, but what can you do.

He’s back to doing what he does best during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Monday, leading Jimmy Fallon and The Roots in a game of Family Feud. It’s become a bit of a tradition at this point, with plenty of very funny appearances over the years that take the typical Feud experience and give it that late night shine. If they could just every classic game show with different hosts on The Tonight Show, it might make it a must-watch show every night. No interviews or monologue, just games with guests.

The real star here is Greta Gerwig, teamed up with Annette Bening and Jimmy Fallon to take on Harvey’s favorite whipping boys in The Roots. They make some jokes about “White Christmas,” make fun of people with horse laughs, and generally have a good rapport this time around. Most of Harvey’s odd reactions are saved for Gerwig. She continues to give the oddest answers and he just doesn’t know what to make of it, which is great because it really gives you more reason to like Gerwig. She’s an oddball in her movies, probably would’ve been odd in that How I Met Your Mother spinoff, and seems fun in reality.

Nobody laughs like a cat, though, and I think we all know that.

(Via The Tonight Show)