Steve Martin And Martin Short Seal Their Comedy God Status With A Memorable ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

Steve Martin and Martin Short are good at making people laugh. Better than good, actually, they’re some of the best comedians this world will ever know, and they’ve worked together on countless, hilarious occasions. Even Father of the Bride Part 2 has its moments, and that’s thanks to these titans of comedy. They’ve hosted Saturday Night Live together, were in the saddle together as Three Amigos and have toured the world side by side. There’s nothing they couldn’t know about each other. And so, when they visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, an appropriate game was played in a dark and smoky corner in front of a live studio audience.

True Confessions!

Watch as these legendary men try to decipher whether their good friends are lying to them, all under a seedy lamp as a cigarette burns in an ashtray. None of these men smoke, so to whom does that cigarette belong? That’s just one of the questions you’ll be asking yourself as a cloak and dagger game is played… a game of True Confessions!

Some people write off Jimmy Fallon’s little games as time wasters and banal entertainment, but in this instance, we had two great friends and comedic gods learn something about each other. This was an important moment for all the silly reasons, and that is my True Confession! (Oh, and the rolling sketch was funny too.)

(Via The Tonight Show)