Steve Martin Sang About Not Wanting To Do ‘The Tonight Show’ And Discussed His First Stand-Up Set In 35 Years

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03.01.16 4 Comments

Comedy legend and banjo-playin’ badass Steve Martin doesn’t show up in the news as often as he should. Hence I am more than happy to report that the 70-year-old comedian went onto The Tonight Show on Monday to promote his and Edie Brickell’s new Broadway musical, Bright Star, and he did so with a show tune called, “I Don’t Want to Do This Show.”

The title says it all. After host Jimmy Fallon introduced Martin to the studio audience, the curtains opened to reveal nothing. Martin was nowhere to be found. Instead, per a prerecorded chunk of the three-minute song, Martin sulked in his dressing room while singing about the fact that he didn’t want to appear on The Tonight Show. He whined about using up all his material in his 40s, lied about being 52 years old, and worried that the show host might ask him about “that early affair with a man.”

Martin eventually made it out onto the stage for the final minute of the song, for which Fallon joined him and inexplicably showed him a picture of his wife and kid. And you know what? Fallon aside, it’s all classic Steve Martin. The same kind of awkward, self-deprecating comedy that characterized his stand-up 35 years ago, and still pops up in his musical performances with the Steep Canyon Rangers and one-off appearances on television.

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