Steve-O Releases The Hounds Onto Some Guy's Nuts On 'Killer Karaoke'

The bad news: TV’s best singing competition series, Killer Karoke, aired its season finale two weeks. Oops? The good news: truTV has uploaded about two dozen clips from season one, a variable treasure trove of off-key notes and nut punches, onto their website. If you’re stuck inside all weekend because of Nemo, or because you’re allergic to human companionship like this guy is hair dye, I strongly recommended spending a few hours browsing through clip after clip of women stepping on dead fish and men getting their butt cracks waxed, all while singing the greatest songs from yesteryear that the show wouldn’t have been able to afford if they weren’t awful karaoke versions.

My favorite video, embedded below, involves some guy who looks like Foster from Super Trooper belting out “Stuck in the Middle with You” while attack dogs viciously bite his arms, back, and genitalia. It’s funny for so many reasons.