‘Making A Murderer’: Steven Avery’s Lawyer Says She Has New Evidence That Will Free Him

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01.31.16 4 Comments

Dateline NBC has been on the air since 1992, and actually did an episode on the Steven Avery / Teresa Halbach case back when it was all going down in 2006. Now that the Netflix documentary Making A Murderer has thrust the case back into the spotlight, Dateline has returned to Manitowoc to review the story again.

Overall the show was pretty negative towards Avery and the idea that he might be innocent. That’s even with his new lawyer, wrongful conviction specialist Kathleen Zellner, saying she’s already got evidence that proves Steven didn’t do it. Via NBC News:

“Generally, since 2007, there have been significant advances in forensic testing … the clearest way to do this is with scientific testing,” Kathleen Zellner told Dateline NBC’s Andrea Canning in her first TV interview since taking the case. “Am I going to tell you exactly what it is? I am not. But it’s been a long time. There was a lot of evidence that wasn’t tested.”

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