Steven Yeun Doesn’t Need To Worry About His Future After ‘The Walking Dead’ Thanks To Conan

It feels a little weird to talk about The Walking Dead right now. What is too much of a spoiler to toss out in a headline in regards to Sunday’s premiere episode and the bloodbath that ensued courtesy of Negan and Lucille? We got faked out with some leaks online, but the final result has had people buzzing and ditching the show while pushing ratings to near record levels.

Regarding the spoilers, I don’t feel as bad considering USA Today and Time are talking about an obituary for Glenn in headlines. We also got a glimpse at how they made the death happen with some very revealing behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. Also, there’s Yeun’s appearance on Conan Thursday night that basically puts the spoilers — all of them — right out there in the open. Given you should’ve seen the episode if you care by this point and it is Thursday. Pretty much it is on you at this point, but I do apologize if you’re spoiled. But you can’t escape it, especially if you google “Glenn Walking Dead.”

If you’re not, you can enjoy the comedic stylings of Steven Yeun above. He’s shown off on Conan before, especially during the hilarious visit to a Korean spa, but now he’s looking for work. Thankfully the host has a spot for him and it’s spreading some of that Walking Dead wealth around.

Since Conan and Andy can’t be bothered to come in for rehearsals, it’s up to Yeun to fill the role and give the crew at Conan someone to bounce their ideas off of. He even tries on some fine hair coloring, getting a critique from his fellow cast member Michael Cudlitz. This would be the moment for a “red” joke, but Negan used that up during the premiere.

Yenn is very funny, though. NTSF:SD:SUV::, Conan, and hopefully much more in the future.