Stick to Everything Else, Timberlake

07.28.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Justin Timberlake directed this commercial for 901 tequila (a brand he owns), and let’s just say I don’t expect him to be lining up directorial projects. Not only does this have some astoundingly terrible copy (empires are like cakes?), but it’s darker than a David Fincher movie. And not dark as in mood, but dark as in “We forgot to get lights for the set.” See for yourself. Here’s an actual screen cap from the ad:

Okay, so I added Sombrero Cat, but I didn’t play with the lighting at all. You have to admit, it’s better with Sombrero Cat. Everyone knows you sell tequila with sombreros and six-shooters, not hot women. So take that, Timberlake. Why don’t you just stick to singing and dancing and acting and wearing cool clothes and pleasing my girlfriend?

[Gawker via The Playlist]

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